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by Oxygenfad

Its 2003 and the big labels suck So people release music online, because they dont give a fuck Made mostly with pirated software Making our own stars we dont care Slow downloads its what we like Exchanging records on soulseek all frikin night While the big labels were out there suing nerds We were uploading the fucking future REVENGE OF THE NET LABEL REVENGE OF THE NET LABEL REVENGE OF THE NET LABEL REVENGE OF THE NET LABEL Some people couldn't understand Why we would give away our music for free It's because most of those people Were only in it for the money Maintaining our own servers Was a headache Spaming out releases On Myspace It was a time of discovery Next time you're on band camp think of me REVENGE OF THE NET LABEL REVENGE OF THE NET LABEL REVENGE OF THE NET LABEL REVENGE OF THE NET LABEL
THRASH 05:53


LONG STORY SHORT: I was listening to a lot of PS1 era videogame soundtracks. This turned into listening to a lot of old school rave sets on Youtube and Soundcloud. I started getting nostalgic. I was also impressed that these mixes sounded better than most stuff released today.

ANYWAY, wanted to achieve a few things from this album:

1. REBOOT THE OXYGENFAD NAME. I've been making too much weird shit since MYSPACE. I acquired a lot of faithful listeners and instead of delivering appropriate content to them I decided to release any experimental music I had under this name. One thing I hate more than anything is when my favorite band makes a "different" sounding album without proper warning.

2. I'M THE CRAZY AMEN BREAK GUY WHO PUTS ON A CRAZY LIVE SHOW. Theres no need for existentialist concept albums about AI take over. I'll still make different stuff but under a different name. Right now I want to make music that reflects the live experience that so many of you know and love. Loud thrash music that you can head bang to while getting drunk.

3. BREAKCORE SUCKS NOW. It's too automated. The producers haven't evolved past trying to rip off that Snares album with all the classical music samples. If you do find something different, it's some obscure soft hentai anime theme song remix. WTF.

4. BREAKCORE AS A SHITPOSTING GENRE. Breakcore is the shit posting music genre by far. It's the best way to make fun of something, express yourself using samples, and have a bit of a groove in the background. If you can't sing, or write lyrics or whatever, you can sample your favorite memes, movies, politicians, whatever and mash them up in your songs. You can't do this with many other genres. It's expected.

Hope you like this, it was recorded mainly using tapes, Renoise, and an access virus c. Sampled A LOT of stuff trying to paint a landscape of OLD SKOOL JUNGLE TAPE meets HARDCORE RAVE. Anyway I hope you find this record fun and enjoy listening to it.

Download a lossless version of this, FLAC or WAV. The tape mastering makes all the difference and streaming doesn't sound as good to me as the original masters do.





“I first heard the term "Breakcore" when my E.P SuEcide Pt.1 was released in Spring 1992. When we gave DJs the 12” vinyl white labels, we received almost always the same feedback: ‘What is this? This is so fast! And the breaks are so cut up! Is this a mistake? 172 BPM??? You are insane!!!’

We laughed and told them that this is how our tracks have to sound to get underground crowds in the bunkers and squats in Berlin dancing...because the UK sound wasn’t rough and hard enough for everybody. Their tracks wouldn’t go faster than 140BPM.

At that time it was all about how much musical information can you absorb in one listen in the shortest amount of time. It felt like a total overload. This created the excitement and the adrenaline rush. Everybody pushed the technology as far as it could be pushed.

For me ‘Breakcore’ was the bridge, an evolutionary step from what was called ‘Hardcore Breakbeat’ (1991-1992) to ‘Digital Hardcore’(1992-1999). Looking back now it was obvious that this music had the potential to create all these sub genres over the coming decades. New generations came after us and they interpreted the idea in their own ways and they utilized different music gear to do so.

Breakcore was always a love/hate genre... rivalry and competition were a part of it. This was good and bad sometimes for the artists and the various scenes that surrounded them.Many producers have moved onto to more ‘profitable’ genres, many have also completely disappeared, but I think everybody added to the genre and many programming skills that producers of Dubstep, Trap or EDM use were innovated in the Breakcore scenes years before.

So the question remains: Is Breakcore dead? It’s down to all of us to decide! I think there is a lot more to add! Let’s keep pushing! Destroy and create!"

Alec Empire
Berlin, 27th of October 2017


released July 5, 2018

Alec Empire, Schizoid, Paza


all rights reserved



Oxygenfad Montreal, Québec

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”
-Composer John Cage

+Known for crazy live shows.
+Climbed to "internet fame" during MySpace era for making "breakcore" and "drill and bass"
+Lot's of experimental and ambient albums scattered around

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/oxygenfadpower

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